About us

Javaid Gas Services – JGS is considered a reliable name to take revolutionary steps in pursuing excellence regarding LPG industry in Pakistan. JGS is pioneered to provide most innovative technology for LPG industry. We not only introduced the world’s most advanced “Vaporizer” to Pakistani Market, but taking it further we laid down the foundation and introduced “Hass” a totally made in Pakistan brand of vaporizer. ‘Hass’ is now a well known and reputable name in LPG industry of Pakistan. JGS with its unmatched expertise and in-depth technical knowledge of LPG, and hard work and enthusiasm for the love of this industry created such an innovative and technologically sound vaporizer. “Hass Vaporizer” contains all the most advanced features and aspects technically available in the world which can be compared and compete with any quality brand exist all over the world. When others are using steel body, we opted stainless steel body design for our product. “Hass Vaporizers” are not only ‘ASME’ approved, but it consists of the best credible electrical components imported from different parts of the world. Our professionalism and expertise made this vaporizer the most ‘Safest’ n ‘Credible’ LPG equipment in the market. JGS philosophy is to introduce most technically advanced, reliable and economical LPG vaporizers to Pakistan and this passion lead us to gain almost more then 50% market share in Pakistan market. JGS is fully enthusiastic and technically equipped to meet all the mandatory requirements of LPG industry in Pakistan.

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